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Bringing paranormal to the world since 2004, the longtime running, well known and trusted show, Haunted Voices Radio with Host Todd Bates and Nicole Strickland, comes your way LIVE every Tuesday night 9e/8c/6p.  Do you enjoy the strange and unusual, the absurdly bizarre and hilarious, or maybe just some straightforward paranormal education?  Tune in LIVE Tuesday nights 9/8c when Todd and Nicole, once again, hit the digital airwaves...right here on www.wltkdb.com 


Each month, Todd and Nicole will delve back to the basics!  In this series, we go back to the foundation of paranormal investigation techniques and methodologies, where we talk about and elaborate on the basics of exploring the supernatural. From EVP to ITC, recording methods, spirit photography, video techniques, environmental monitoring, vigils, metaphysics, archive research, private residence vs. historical case studies, etc., this series is beneficial for beginners and veterans alike.   

The mere thought of cannibalism may invoke sheer curiosity in some and pure disgust in others, or a little bit of both.  Both archaeological and genetic evidence prove that cannibalism has been practiced for hundreds of thousands of years - as far back as 600,000 years.   

Cannibalism is essentially the consuming of human flesh by other humans.  In Spanish, it translates to Caribales or Canibales for the Carib peoples - a West Indies tribe notorious for the act. 

In times of needed survival, eating another human's flesh may not be nearly as feared but more of a mandatory necessity.   Then, there are those stories of lore that point to people engaging in this horrific phenomenon for other horrific reasons.  

Insert Brenda Ganske of her Horrifying History podcast, where she elaborates on the often untold and hidden accounts of people chowing down on human meat.  Yes, you will hear some hair-raising tales about cannibalism, including stories from the Donner Party, one relating to Moby Dick and many others.  Yes, I am not kidding.  

We have one requirement before listening: make sure you've eaten! 

You can listen to the episode at https://wltkdb.com/ondemandaudio or via the many audio listening platforms.  



On this week's episode of Haunted Voices Radio, we welcome Aaron Collins of Northwest Paranormal Investigation Team.  View the episode at https://wltkdb.com/on-demand-video

Aaron's BIO:

Aaron Collins was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He moved to the Pacific Northwest when he was just 17 years old. Aaron encountered his first “paranormal experience”. It was so terrifying that it not only shook him but left him with questions, which began his curiosity and fascination with the paranormal. In 1993, he began a career in the security field, which led to internal and external retail loss prevention investigations. Applying his investigative skills, Aaron co-founded NW Paranormal Investigative Team. Aaron has been investigating and researching the paranormal for over 20 years. In early January 2014, Aaron co-created, co-hosted and produced Blog Talk Radio’s Paranormal Crossings. Paranormal Crossings is a talk show focusing on interviewing professionals in the paranormal field as well as owners, curators and victims of haunted locations. In April 2014, Aaron brought Paranormal Crossings to television as the host and executive producer. Aaron has interviewed people such as psychic mediums, paranormal Investigators, authors, actors and more. In 2018, Aaron will be taking Paranormal Crossings to a new level by bridging the gap between talk show and paranormal investigative show! Aaron and his team's objective is to help others that may be experiencing paranormal activity by using investigative skills, technical and spiritual methods to determine the cause of the activity.

Nicole Strickland first met Aaron at the 2015 Oregon Ghost Conference in Oregon City.  The OGC is the Pacific Northwest's largest paranormal convention and is quickly growing.   The Port Gamble Ghost Conference is another popular annual event in Port Gamble, Washingon.  Nicole has been a featured speaker, class instructor and vendor at the OGC and in 2017, she presented on the RMS Queen Mary at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference. 

During the episode, Aaron shared his childhood experience with the paranormal, which catapulted him into active research and exploration as an adult.  He also elaborated on how his team approaches and helps private residence clients.  Additionally, Aaron talked about how he infuses his Christian Ministry with paranormal investigation.  Importantly, Aaron elaborated on why "respect" is so crucial and imperative to supernatural research - respect of clients, team members, spiritual energies and the paranormal community at large.  

Along with his colleagues, Aaron re-debuted his Paranormal Crossings television show, which can be seen every Saturday at 2:00 pm at Talkcast PDX.  


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Welcome to Haunted Voices Radio's "Back to Basics" monthly series where Todd and Nicole delve back to the foundation of paranormal investigation and research.  

EPISODE 1:  RECORDING METHODS - Listen to the episode at https://www.wltkdb.com/index.php/en/past-shows/haunted-voices

1. Analog vs digital recording - which is better and why?

- Why analog recording can be more beneficial than digital

- How to transfer data from an analog recorder to a computer

2. Setting up an EVP (electronic voice phenomena session) session - things to know

- talking method versus walking method

3. EVP session protocols

- procedures that need to be adopted for all recording sessions