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Nicole Strickland

Hello! Welcome to the official website of Nicole Strickland, one of the leading paranormal researchers on the West Coast.  Nicole is the founder/director of the well-respected San Diego Paranormal Research Society and has been featured in numerous media outlets.  In addition to her speaking and writing projects, she co-hosts the long-running Haunted Voices Radio with Todd Bates and also hosts the Afterlife Chronicles, which was recently selected by Feedspot as one of the top programs on the afterlife.

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Spirits of Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

The Rancho Buena Vista Adobe stands as a testament to California’s diverse past and offers a glimpse into the supernatural. Learn the identity of the apparition known as the “Lady in White,” which startles unsuspecting guests by serenely floating across the rancho’s courtyard, and the tale of a skeleton rumored to be sealed up somewhere within the rancho’s walls. Discover the story of Cave Johnson Couts and family, who continue to chat with visitors in spirit form. And explore the rooms where whispering voices are often heard, even when they’re empty. Join author Nicole Strickland as she uncovers spine-tingling haunts and restless souls.