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Nicole Strickland RMS Queen Mary

Nicole Strickland
RMS Queen Mary

On May 27, 2018 (ship's maiden voyage anniversary date), I had a book signing aboard the Queen Mary on Promenade Deck for all three of my books about the ship.  Fellow friends and colleagues joined, which included Honorary Commodore Everette Hoard, Christian Minister James Brandmueller, ship enthusiast Joe Bertoldo and Queen Mary beloved war bride, June Allen. To date, I have held five book signings aboard the liner.

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Nicole Strickland RMS Queen Mary

Nicole Strickland

Book Signing Events

  • RMS Queen Mary: I have had the sheer honor of holding book signings aboard this glorious ship several times. 
  • Costco in Encinitas for Spirits of Rancho Buena Vista Adobe
  • Barnes & Noble Encinitas for Spirits of Rancho Buena Vista Adobe
  • Barnes & Noble Oceanside for Spirits of Rancho Buena Vista Adobe and San Diego’s Most Haunted
  • Books or Bookstore Las Vegas event with author Patricia V. Davis 
  • Book signings at Rancho Buena Vista Adobe
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Upcoming Engagements 

Haunted Voices Radio

  • Every Tuesday at 9pm EST

Afterlife Chronicles Radio

  • Every Thursday at 9pm EST

Upcoming Presentations

  • Aztec Brewery - TBD
  • Borrego Springs Library - Summer 2021
  • Escondido Public Library - October 2nd "The Afterlife Chronicles - Exploring the Connection between Life, Death and Beyond"

Radio Guest Appearances

  • X-Zone Radio - TBD
  • Paranormal Crossings - Into the Light TBD

Escondido Public Library Events

  • Escondido Writers Group - August  3rd 2021
  • Virtual Authors Chat - TBD

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San Diego OASIS Lifelong Adventure

Nicole has presented about paranormal research and haunted San Diego locations at San Diego OASIS, which offers lifelong learning classes, wellness programs and volunteer opportunities for people ages 50 and up. ​

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Oregon Ghost Conference

Nicole has been a featured speaker at the OGC since 2015.  Presentations have included the history and hauntings of the Queen Mary, children and the paranormal, trends in paranormal research and San Diego's Most Haunted. The biggest paranormal convention in the Pacific Northwest!

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Library Presentations

Nicole has lectured at several libraries in San Diego, California. 

  • Lakeside Library 
  • Rancho Santa Fe Library 
  • Julian Library 
  • Escondido Public Library
  • Vista Library 
  • Santee Library 
  • San Marcos Library 

She has also participated in the San Diego Local Author Showcase at the downtown Central Library. 

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Ghost Fest Expo 4 aboard the RMS Queen Mary

About GFEXPO4: Your Ghost Hosts, Patrick Wheelock of Beyond Investigation, the former paranormal investigation team of the infamously haunted RMS Queen Mary, and intuitive paranormal investigator and Queen Mary icon, Erika Frost, invite you to GhostFest Expo 4. Expo 4 is widely expanding its spectral arms around all topics paranormal and unexplainable. Premium paranormal community speakers, special events and exhibitions exploring ghosts and hauntings, ufology, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, and more will be aboard to intrigue and educate. Manifested in September of 2010, in Long Beach, California, GhostFest Expo 4 was the must-attend RMS Queen Mary event of the year. With Nicole's extensive investigative research aboard the ship, she was honored to be invited as one of the guest speakers for this event, hosting a presentation about "Investigating the Queen Mary." Visit

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San Diego History Center Presentation - Balboa Park 2011

Nicole and other San Diego Paranormal Research Society members were invited by San Diego History Center's Gabe Selak to present about paranormal research and investigation techniques at Balboa Park.  The lecture delved into paranormal methodology, evidence review, investigation techniques, the SDPRS foundation, among other topics.  The team also showcased a sampling of profound photographic, videographic and audio evidence from several of its research projects.

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Troy Taylor's Haunted America Conference West Coast 2011

Nicole was fortunate to be a part of this event, as a speaker about the RMS Queen Mary's historical and haunted legend. Below is the conference synopsis:.  

"America's Original Ghost Conference Expands to San Diego for the 15th Spooktacular Year of Operations!Join Host and Author Troy Taylor and Co-Host Lauren Kasak of Lumia Paranormal Research Services as the American Ghost Society expands America's Original Ghost Conference and journeys to San Diego, California for its first West Coast Conference! Join us for a spirited weekend of ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained and experience the history and hauntings of San Diego with our conference, haunted tours, ghost hunts and more! It's going to be the first big ghost weekend of 2011! Admission only $75 America's Best Ghost Conference journeys to the West Coast and haunted Old Town San Diego, California in February 2011! Our West Coast Conference will be held the weekend of February 18-19, 2011 at the Scottish Rite Event Center in San Diego. Join us for our first Ghost Conference on the West Coast and discover nationally-known speakers on ghosts, hauntings and the supernatural. The event will include lectures and presentations on hauntings, haunted tours, ghost hunts, after-hours events and much more! Join us in Old Town San Diego and explore this historic and haunted region for yourself as we bring all of the best parts of the Original Haunted America Conference to the West Coast!  This is our 15th year for the Haunted America Conference and our first conference on the West Coast! As with our other events, guests will be able to gather research on ghosts and hauntings that they won't get anywhere else; meet other ghost hunters from all over America; and visit wonderful Old Town San Diego -- a place that teams with both history and hauntings! Don't miss this amazing event! Speakers for the Event will include: Troy Taylor; Tiffany Johnson; Rosemary Ellen Guiley; Richard Senate; Patrick Burns; Nicole Strickland; Antonio Garcez & Special Guest, Len Adams."

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Maritime Ghost Conference San Diego 2012

A Fundraiser for the Maritime Museum of San DiegoThis event, the first of its kind, focused on the subject of maritime ghosts. Experts on various haunted ships (including the Star of India, the RMS Queen Mary, the USS Hornet, and others) gave presentations on the ghosts of each ship, telling what paranormal activity has been seen and experienced. Additionally, there was a presentation of ghost ships of history, such as the story of the Marie Celeste. Famous names from the paranormal field were present either as additional guest speakers, or having met with the public to sell their books and videos in the conference's vendor areas. All proceeds went to this non-profit museum, one of the best maritime museums in the country.  Nicole was ecstatic to host a presentation about the RMS Queen Mary, sharing with audience members her various paranormal encounters and captured evidence. 

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