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Nicole Strickland

Hello! Welcome to the official website of Nicole Strickland, one of the leading paranormal researchers on the West Coast.  Nicole is the founder/director of the well-respected San Diego Paranormal Research Society and has been featured in numerous media outlets.  In addition to her speaking and writing projects, she co-hosts the long-running Haunted Voices Radio with Todd Bates and also hosts the Afterlife Chronicles, which was recently selected by Feedspot as one of the top programs on the afterlife.

A Tribute to Two Beloved Felines

Max and Kayli: Two Remarkable Felines Forever Imprinted On My Heart

Enlightening experiences are meant to be shared, as they can provide an unwavering amount of benefit to people. This is especially the case with stories involving animals. There is an unspoken bond between humans and animals, an everlasting connection that never weakens. In 2003, shortly after the devastating San Diego wildfires, I was introduced to Max and Kayli, two remarkable felines who left a permanent mark on my soul. Max, Kayli, and I share an eternal bond; you’ll understand why when reading about their unique story. This book chronicles the triumphs and challenges of their lives, from the moment I met them to their departure from the physical plane, and beyond. You’ll read about the profound spiritual encounters I’ve endured with them shortly after their transitions over the Rainbow Bridge. These are highlighted as a way to share how our loved ones never truly leave us. They may be gone physically, but their spirited essence remains with us and in our shared memories.

Praise For the Book